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The luxury car with inbuilt internet

The Luxury Car With In-Built Internet

A new limo from BMW has been released to put all others in the shade at a mere 49,000. pounds The new offering from the 7 Series leaves all other limos standing with toys that Inspector Gadget would be proud of.
Once again, BMW are setting world firsts with their innovative ideas, the latest being in-car internet connection making it the most luxurious version ever. Other firsts include orders directed from a mobile phone, night vision and speed limit warnings. This is more than enough to make Audi and Lexus sit up and take notice.
Using a centre console mounted control, called an iDrive, you can do more than control the air conditioning and change the music – you can connect to the internet. For safety reasons and for the benefit of the daft, BMW have made sure the internet screen cannot be used while the car is in motion.
But the excitement of the new 7 Series starts well before you reach your vehicle. You can call it up from your mobile and instruct it to either cool down or heat up to your desired temperature. The night vision gadgetry senses body heat at the roadside from pedestrians or animals, assessing their movements via its onboard computer and alerting the driver if there is a calculated risk.
In a bid to outwit the dreaded speed camera, BMW have also included a speed alert system by detecting road speed limits and warning the driver to slow down if necessary. Reclining rear seats, rear climate control and back seat entertainment all add to the luxurious feel of this high class limousine while being economical. When the vehicle slows, the energy is captured and used to charge the battery to avoid wasting fuel, enabling the diesel version to reach almost forty miles per gallon, even with its 3 litre engine.
The outside of the car doesn’t look a great deal different to previous models, even though it is slightly more aerodynamic with covers over the radiator, but hides a plethora of new ways underneath. With a 3 litre petrol 740i and a 4.4 litre V8 750 version, the prices get pretty high and can reach speeds of up to 155 mph.
This has to be the ultimate in luxury but as far as comfort goes, the Citroen C5 gives it a run for its money. Apparently as comfy as a sofa this is meant to be the best Citroen to date. Alfa Romeo are looking to join in the competition of new models with their 230 bhp Mito – their latest hot hatch which is a stunning little car.
Nissan and Mercedes are doing their bit for the environment. Nissan are planning to release their first hybrid vehicle in 2010, starting at 15,000 pounds and Mercedes have pledged to not go any bigger with their cars, keeping them the same size or smaller and also reducing their weight and thus their impact on the environment.
This all amounts to some good news for consumers and some thoughtful planning on the behalf of the manufacturers even though it does come with a serious price tag.

Advice to those looking at approved used cars

Advice To Those Looking At Approved Used Cars

Most people now realise that buying a brand new car is rarely advisable, the premium that you pay to be the first to drive a car away is huge. It may have that new car smell but it will most likely be a waste of money. Add the high rates of depreciation that accompanies most new cars and it would truly be foolhardy to buy new. A far better idea is to look at approved used cars such as an Audi, BMW, Ford or Renault. Unbelievable deals can be had when buying used, and when they have been approved by dealerships at least you know the condition of the car will also be good.
When you are looking at an approved used car it is important to study all of the cars in that particular range. For instance, the Audi A6, Citroen C6 and the BMW 6 Series could all be defined as saloon cars. It is important to make comparisons such as whether the Audi has a better fuel efficiency than the BMW or whether the Citroen has better safety features than its German equivalent. It is a long a studious choice that will take time and should be deliberated carefully; after all a car, new or used is an expensive item that is an investment as much as a vehicle.
Depreciation rates make an approved used car the ideal alternative to buying new. Recent reports have shown that on average a new car will depreciate as much as thirty five percent in its first year and a further thirty percent over the next five. Hence, buying a car that is reaching the five year mark is usually advisable, especially when considering the prices of premium companies such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW. In some respects the name of the game when buying a car is to minimise the damage it will cause to your wallet, this is why buying an approved used car, that can limit maintenance costs is worthwhile.
Running a car is becoming increasingly expensive with rises in fuel costs and garage bills. Fuel efficiency should be a major concern, keeping away from models such as the BMW X5 and instead buying a fuel efficient car such as an Audi A3 or the Toyota Corolla will limit the costs of fuel. If you wanted to get an even more fuel efficient car however, hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their high efficiency and eco-friendly selling point. With the environment becoming evermore etched on many people’s consciences the drive towards hybrid and other fuel efficient cars is unsurprising.
Before you sign on the dotted line for any approved used car however a test drive is essential. This will allow you to get a feel for the car and gain an awareness of any problems that may become apparent. Remember however if you are driving a car of a sporty nature such as the Audi S3, BMW M5 or Alfa Romeo Brera do not be overcome by the performance and form an emotional attachment; it is important to keep a cool head and make a logical decision.
It is usually worth taking someone with you who has a good knowledge of cars when you are thinking of getting an approved used one. Their knowledge can be invaluable as they can have a look under the bonnet and check out the engine, from this they should be able to gain an understanding of the quality of the car more generally.
Ultimately the choice of approved used car is yours, it is hard to not get attached to a specific car and only want that one; for instance mine at the moment is the Audi TT although I am still waiting for the newer models to reach the approved used stage. Try and stay logical and make an informed decision, by following this advice motoring heaven shouldn’t be far away.

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