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Porsche powered group cgtp race car gkw the renaissance

Porsche 956/962 Powered Group C/GTP Race Car GKW : The Renaissance

A Unique Car, only one specimen in the whole world, Chassis Number 001/88, an Unbelievable Result!!!
700Kg and over 750 HP, an Amazing Spare Package: there is Certainly No Other Group C Cars which comes with a similar package.

Designed for the Swiss Driver Claude Haldi, who raced several times in Le Mans with many different racing Porsches, up to Porsche 934 and Porsche 935, by the Italian genius, engineer and racing driver Gabriele
Gottifredi in cooperation with the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 specialist who built the Niki Lauda Alfa Formula 1, GKW racing car was supposed to run at Le Mans, Fuji and 1988 Monza circuits, where it performed several tests, but did not participate because it was under completion at the appointed date. After this the sponsors retired due to lack of money and the project was stopped.
The car was in GKW workshop for more than 10 years before that an Italian gentleman drive purchased  it with all spares package. The new owner ordered a completely dismantling and parts renew to a very specialized shop: the GKW Race Car was completely re-worked, excluding engines. The workshop that did the job participated to Le Mans 24 hours with a Group C2 years ago and today is specialized on Ferrari Challenger racing cars, Sport prototypes, Formula 3000 and so on.
This remodeling job took nearly near 3 years and now everything is new or better than new,  e.g. some suspension parts were  redesigned to make them more resistant  and also the  feet and front pedal protection was rebuilt stronger (the scope was not to win the world championship!).
The new owner decided do not use the air-water cooled Porsche 956 engine due to his not professional driving and ordered to     Rennsport  (one of the 2 main expert in Racing Porches in Italy, near Modena) a thin Turbo Based on a 3,2 IMSA configuration air cooled and electronic injected, twin plug.
This engine was developed, tested and electronically mapped by Rehinold Schmirler – RS Tuning  in Germany, one of the 3 best Porsche Racing motorist in Germany that worked e.g. on Uwe Alzen Porsche 997 GT3 and other Porsche winner. As result this engine was excellent, over 750 HP, but  the owner decided to limit it at 675 HP DIN at 7000 rpm,  with a wonderful torque and power distribution.
Original Porsche 956 KKK Turbos  are used with inconel headers, made in Maranello by specialists who work for Ferrari F1). All crash test were made and  the car is now ready to race and win, with its effective weight of about 740 Kg and its 675 HP DIN engine.
The original Porsche 956 Engine can be bought separately as spare part.
The car is eligible for Group C 2 in Europe and GTP Racing in America.
GKW Group C Porsche Powered Twin Turbo can be seen in many different specialized books like Golden Era and others in Italy, Germany and UK (a list of books and articles is available).
The owner is available to analyze sale or exchange proposals at info@porsche.evengest.com

Discover all the history of GKW Racing car and hundreds of pictures at http://www.porsche.evengest.com

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