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Autodelta appoints sam van lingen

Autodelta Appoints Sam Van Lingen

The Auto Channel reported that Autodelta is pleased to declare that it has selected Sam van Lingen, The Netherland’s biggest and oldest Alfa Romeo with great auto body parts dealership faction, as its official driving force for the country. With immediate effect, Sam van Lingen will turn out to be a full Autodelta agent and with elite accountability for the entire regions of The Netherlands.

As the newest agent for The Netherlands, Sam van Lingen will bring all the actions of a full Autodelta agent and supplying an extensive variety of products such as auto body parts from the Autodelta Sportline and GTA Racing ranges’ as well. Sam van Lingen technicians have been Autodelta factory trained. In line with full Autodelta agents’ Sam van Lingen will undertake bespoke conversions of the J-range cars.

“We’re delighted to be appointed Autodelta’s sole authorised agent for The Netherlands. We have been working with Autodelta for almost two years now and our customers have been impressed by their products, which has been born out by rapidly growing demand. Autodelta has provided an excellent level of service and support, with factory engineers coming out on an almost monthly basis and they have provided a very high and exacting standard of training. With the exciting and expanding Autodelta range and the superb range of cars Alfa Romeo now has and which are due in the near future, it seems a perfect moment to take our growing relationship with Autodelta to the logical next stage. Everyone at Sam van Lingen is pleased by this opportunity and we are looking forward to spreading the Autodelta brand name across the Netherlands,” says Willem Meijdam, Area Manager, Sam van Lingen Haarlem.

“It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce Sam van Lingen as our official agent for The Netherlands. The Alfa Romeo brand is held in the highest regard in The Netherlands where there are so many passionate and committed owners. It’s always been a market where we have received widespread support from the highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic devotees of the marque so it is excellent news that we can now offer our widest possible range of service to Dutch owners; and I’m pleased to able to appoint to this task a dealer group as well regarded and successful as Sam van Lingen. I can rest assured that they will be an excellent agent. Our first involvement with Sam van Lingen came two years ago when they were a technical service point on the European Tour. Their efficiency, impeccable standards and attention to detail stood out along with their huge enthusiasm for Alfa Romeos, values that are at the core of our philosophy. Since then everything has really snowballed and I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship,” says Jano Djelalian, Managing Director Autodelta.

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