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Audi a the wonderful effects of surgery

Audi A6 – The Wonderful Effects Of Surgery

When an individual goes through certain medical procedures such as plastic surgery, then they will always have a price to pay. Literally speaking, this type of stuff would have a huge price at the end of it. It could also mean that some type of complications could come about during the medical procedure. The individual that is going through the medical procedure could also get some side effects that they were not looking forward to. However, there is also a good effect when you go under a procedure such as plastic surgery. Those effects? Well, you would feel better about yourself, be more attractive and look better.
You see, the third-generation of the Audi A6 is a lot like an individual that has went through a medical procedure such as plastic surgery. We all know that the Audi A6 took that type of risk and chance and ran with it. Not only did they run with it, but the succeeded at it. That’s right; the third generation of the Audi A6 sure has got the attention they deserve. If you do not believe us, then take a look at one of the Audi A6 forums, which you will be able to find on the Internet. In fact, in the end of this article, take a look at the Audi A6 forum we are going to show you.
The Audi A6 has not only gone through some big improvements, but they also added some extra size to the car. There are also some improvements in the handling of the car, which is perfect for rainy weather that makes the road slippery. The chassis stiffness has also increased and the weight is something that has been redistributed. The automotive makers of the Audi A6 are known for being a German automaker. The V6 vehicle is available in two different trim levels – you have the station wagon and the sedan. Take note that the station wagon is commonly known as the A6 Avant. The main competitors of the Audi A6 in the automobile market consist of the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E Class, the Alfa Romeo 166, the Lexus GS, the Volvo S80 and the Jaguar S-Type.
The Audi A6, which has been restyled, has a new grille, which is a lot like the grille that was found on another vehicle in the European automobile market. The grille gives everyone in the Audi world just what they have always wanted. When you look inside the car, you will also find that some new designs have been added here. The comfort of this car has gone up and some high technology instruments and equipment has been added to make the whole package worthwhile.
As you are searching around the Internet for the best forum pertaining to the Audi A6, we would like to help you out by telling you to click on the Audi A6 Forum.

Bmw takes two on merger

Bmw Takes Two on Merger

DaimlerChrysler, parent automaker of Mercedes-Benz, has already signed the papers to their corporate divorce while their strong rival BMW is planning to launch a takeover bid for Volvo earlier this year as revealed by Autocar. It can be noted that most analysts have expressed their concern over mergers in the auto industry saying that it is not pragmatic. But it looks like BMW just don’t want itself to be daunted by the number of failed mergers in the industry and preferred to personally experience it.

Anyway, the Bavarian automaker and producer of high quality BMW exhaust have already requested a complete breakdown of Volvo’s financial position from a European investment bank which is handling enquiries on behalf of Ford, the owner of Volvo. Reliable sources have also revealed that BMW has earlier eyed the Alfa Romeo as its takeover target.

According to industry experts BMW is planning to expand its range of brands to support the future growth of the company. Likewise, part of its plan is underpinning the front-wheel-drive Mini division by expanding its output and it can do so with the help of Volvo.

Why Volvo? Company bosses at BMW saw Volvo as the fitting global brand complimentary to BMW, which they deemed has considerable room for growth and room to accommodate Volvo. Although BMW will always emphasize driving pleasure, Volvo on the other hand will contribute safety and environmental concerns to the mix.

At present it not yet clear what BMW plans are but its probable that the larger saloon and estate models of Volvo just in case would be switched to BMW platforms offering both rear-and four-wheel drive. The smaller cars in the Volvo’s range would remained front-drive and would probably be merged to the Mini family expanding this model range.

The Mini brand is currently one of the biggest problems of BMW and it has already been forced to allot additional investment just for the redesigning of the new Mini as well as engineering the Mini Clubman estate. But despite all the efforts Mini sales are still down on their 2005 peak and the BMW insiders admit that a total annual output of 250,000 to 270,000 cars is just not enough to secure a profitable long-term future for the Mini brand.

Potentially with Volvo, BMW could build the proposed large five-door Mini and Mini SUV on the same front-drive chassis as the future S40 and V50. And let’s just say for the sake of argument that this was done, an annual output of 500,000 upmarket Volvo and Mini front-drive cars could ensure long-term profitability.

The expectation for future profit is not new when it comes to merger in fact every one of those failed union in the auto industry is hoping for the same thing that’s why they merge in the first place. Unfortunately, none of those merges survive except for the seven years partnership between Nissan and Renault but even their union is still uncertain and nobody knows what may happen in the future.

And let us not forget that seven years ago BMW was humiliated when it incurred massive losses which forced it to split up and sell the Rover Group which it bought in 1994. The question now is: Has BMW forgets the lessons of the past or has it learned a lot to create a new successful partnership? Well only BMW can answer that.

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