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Looking for a good way to sell my alfa romeo i found some answers

Looking for a Good Way to Sell My Alfa Romeo, I Found Some Answers

People sell their cars for a variety of reasons; credit crunch, need for a bigger model, they have grown tired of it or feel the need to sell it before it loses all value. My reason was simply a need to move on to something newer and fresher. I was pleased with my car, had no major complaints, it was simply a case of the car having served its purpose and the time was right to sell my Alfa Romeo and move on.

I had vague ideas of how to go about selling my Alfa Romeo and was aware that even during difficult economic times like these, there is always a need for cars and lots of people are on the lookout for a good motor. What I did not know was how to get the best deal I could and where to find helpful information. Taking it to a dealer is fine as their core business is buying and selling cars yet I could not shake the feeling that they would look upon my decision to sell my Alfa Romeo as an opportunity to grab a bargain and do so at my expense.

No, I preferred the idea of a private sale. I knew it was a good car and would serve anyone looking to buy my Alfa Romeo well. With a strong engine and good steering, the car is reliable and handles well, simply a good purchase for anyone looking. The internet has no shortage of information and I quickly found a few online forums about the trials and tribulations experienced by people like me when they went to sell their motors. I wanted to sell my Alfa Romeo in the right way and I found these forums informative and helpful as well as quickly realizing that presentation counts for a lot. News media, dinner parties, friends and family were also sources of hints and tips.

While confident there were people out there looking to buy my Alfa Romeo, I knew if I was to get a good deal I needed to put in some work too. If you are trying to sell your car and you aren’t having much luck, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at what you are offering. You obviously want to let potential buyers know that you have been a reliable and safe owner, and a big part of giving them that impression is making sure the car looks presentable and tidy. This can be achieved without spending lots of money, and dedicating a few hours to the appearance of my car certainly made the decision easier for my Alfa Romeo buyer.

I found it helps to remove your personal belongings as they tend to distract from the overall impression the buyer will get. After giving it a thorough clean and vacuum I decided to spend a small sum of money on some car accessories to give it a more polished look. I found some great deals online for seat covers, wipers, light bulb replacements etc. This small investment increased the likelihood that I would sell my Alfa Romeo so was well worth it. I then had a few friends take a look at it from a buying perspective to make sure I had not missed anything obvious. Overall, I found a little effort gave the impression to anyone hoping to buy my Alfa Romeo that I was a careful owner who looked after my car well and likely kept it functioning as well on the inside as I did on the surface. It paid handsome dividends and I found selling my Alfa Romeo to be a hassle free experience.

My successful formula when searching for an Alfa Romeo buyer – research the internet, read the trade papers, ask advice, talk to friends, listen and avoid the pitfalls, don’t over value your car and be fair and honest. There is an excellent chance that someone will agree that your car is a good bet and the whole thing can be a smooth and painless transaction.

Limited edition of alfa romeo brera s

Limited Edition of Alfa Romeo Brera S

Marketing director at Alfa Romeo UK, Nicholas Bernard, says: “Significantly, the Alfa Romeo Brera S isn’t simply about brute force, it’s about how the available power is transferred to the road and how the road surface is communicated back to the driver to bring new levels of sports handling and driver-focused confidence and involvement.”

According to Prodrive Project Leader, Peter Cambridge, the result is “a car that ’shrinks’ around the driver and delivers all the fun and engagement of a sports car driving experience on A and B-roads. Yet, on motorways, offers a compliant and composed ride.”

The sports car driving experience is achieved by reducing roll and pitch, flattening the cornering attitude, and subsequently instilling confidence-inspiring steering.

Peter Cambridge comments: “Our painstaking work with the spring set-up controls exactly how much the car pitches and rolls with every lump, bump, camber and pothole on our roads. Then we developed the dampers to control the rate at which the springs respond. Once we were satisfied with that, we set about really affecting the feel and response of the steering to inspire confidence.”

To reduce roll and pitch and achieve an even flatter cornering attitude, Prodrive commissioned bespoke Eibach coil springs and Bilstein dampers.

Spring rates are increased by over 50 per cent compared to the standard Alfa Brera, giving the car a more nimble and agile feel, while the specially tuned gas-filled mono-tube dampers give tighter body control. A careful balance has been created to maintain good compliance over ridges and bumps in the road.

At the same time, the suspension static geometry has also been revised to optimise steering and handling. These changes, together with new 19? alloy wheels and Pirelli PZero Nero tyres, have created a more responsive turn-in to corners, with increased driver feedback, allowing the driver to explore the dynamic limits of the car.

To further enhance suspension geometry, the car parts have been lowered by 10 mm front and rear. This lower centre of gravity helps reduce roll and improve cornering and braking performance. In addition, the lowered suspension gives the Alfa Romeo Brera S a more purposeful stance.

At each corner of the Alfa Romeo Brera S, unique Alfa 8C Competizione-inspired, lightweight 19? alloy wheels have been fitted. Although the wheels are eye-catching, the all-new design was commissioned by Prodrive primarily for performance, rather than just cosmetic appeal. The reason is unsprung weight – the weight carried by the car on the ‘road side’ of the spring and shock absorber. This plays a significant role in the way the car steers, handles and transmits feedback to the driver.

The lighter the wheel, the better it tracks undulations in the road surface without requiring heavy damping to control it. The unsprung weight has been further reduced by the adoption of hollow anti-roll bars and aluminium suspension components from the Factory.

As a result, the weight of both Alfa Romeo Brera S models is lower than the rest of the range. The front-wheel drive 3.2 V6 JTS is almost 100 kg lighter than the Q4 version and the 2.2 JTS version weighs 35 kg less.

The Alfa Romeo Brera S also sounds different from the standard range. The original characteristic growl of the V6 has been enhanced by careful redesign of the rear silencers. Thanks to a Holmholtz resonator connected in tandem with each silencer, the 2.2 JTS model now emits a sportier yet refined burble.

The car parts exhaust has been altered to mirror the shape of the rear lights. Finished with chrome embellishers, they feature a Prodrive logo on the tailpipe exterior. This is just one of several subtle exterior enhancements to the award-winning Alfa Brera, including Prodrive branded front stone deflectors, and a bespoke red ‘S’ or ‘SV6? on the C-pillar.

Inside the 3.2 V6 JTS Alfa Romeo Brera S, changes are more obvious. Not only are the supportive sports seats upholstered in soft black Frau® leather with red stitching, so are the dashboard fascia, door panels, steering wheel and gearlever. The centre console and instruments are faced in a dark finish. This interior can also be specified on the 2.2 JTS version.

Foot pedals are fashioned from drilled aluminium and the headrest recess houses a limited edition Brera S aluminium plate, featuring the flags of Italy and Britain.

For the record, the 2.2 JTS and 3.2 V6 JTS Alfa Romeo Brera S can reach 62 mph from rest in 8.6 and 7.0 seconds respectively, on the way to maximum speeds of 139 and 155 mph.

The transition from Alfa Brera to Brera S takes place at Alfa Romeo UK’s dedicated import centre, near Bristol, and is overseen by Prodrive.

Nicholas Bernard says: “The standard Brera is well loved and delivers a great all-round driving experience. But the Alfa Romeo Brera S is deliberately honed, tuned and fettled for British roads and aimed directly at a dedicated audience of driving enthusiasts.”

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