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Where did you get your car mats

Where Did You Get Your Car Mats?

… Ok, so it’s probably not something a lot of you have heard. Car fanatics out there may have had a chat over where to get tailored car mats for their prized Alfa Romeo, but generally it’s not a hot topic of conversation. However good quality tailored car mats improve the overall feel of your car and poor quality car mats are even more noticeable.

Tucked away beneath your feet under the dashboard, you probably don’t realize they are there, essentially the purpose of your car mats is to be completely inconspicuous. But universal or poorly fitted car mats can cause real noticeable difficulties and can degrade really quickly. Investing in durable tailored car mats means that you can afford to forget about them for a long time.

Problems with universal car mats:

They are usually imported from the Far East using cheap material.

The carpet is not always designed for the motor trade, making them difficult to clean.

The manufacturing process is not always reliable.

They slip and slide in the footwells.

They cannot be fitted with clips to secure them.

This can obstruct your pedals whilst driving, which is dangerous.

The underside can flake from the resultant friction.

They can easily crumple and become misshapen.

Insufficient protection: They do not fully cover the floor of your car

All of the above are noticeable signs that can impede the enjoyment of driving.

When you should buy new car mats:

If you do not already have tailored car mats it is best to deal with the situation directly.

If they have become misshapen and are folding up or sticking out in unwanted places.

If they have accumulated dirty which has become fully embedded and cannot be thoroughly cleaned.

If they give off a musty odour: this is a sign that they have become damp and have not been able to dry off, this is usually happens easily with material which is difficult to maintain or is not suited for the motor trade.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your car mats, they should add to the feel of your car without you even noticing. Tailored car mats can be bought for a reasonable price and their comparative durability ensures that you can completely forget about them and enjoy your drive.

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